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Sorry I can't help.......Our safety department does all of our monitoring
and they do monitor for alcohol, xylene, formaldehyde and even our xylene
substitute.     I can tell you for us it is easy to use.   We just wear a
badge for 15 minutes and then one for 8 hours.    Our safety department
sends these badges out somewhere to be evaluated with the reports sent back
to safety.    Our safety department then sends reports to our lab director.

I have no idea what it costs.    We monitor this once a year (unless one of
them comes back high)  and if there is a change in procedure we monitor

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> Ya'll have been so helpful in the past...and I am ever so thankful. Now I 
> have a new set of questions.
> I have tried a couple of air monitoring systems, but haven't found one
> that 
> was easy to use AND doesn't cost an small fortune.  Would you please take
> a 
> few minutes and answer my questions?  Just send your reply back to me and
> if 
> anyone is interested, I'll post a summary on the Histonet.
> What kind of air monitoring system do you use?  How long?
> How frequently?
> Do you have to report your findings (+ or -), or do you just keep them
>    on file?
> Do you monitor for organic vapors? alcohol? xylene? formaldehyde?
> Did you choose the system or did someone choose it for you?
> Will you continue to use this system?
> If you are staying with this system is it because it is easy to use?
>    or is it reasonably priced?
> Thank you very much,
> Histologically yours,
> Barbara Stancel
> Lead Technician, Pathology
> Athens, Georgia 30605
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