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A tiny survey -
1.	How big is your case load?

Anywhere from 200 to 500 (+/-) blocks a day.
Last year we had a total of about 26,000 cases.

2.	What is cut-off time for starting processors?

1st VIP processor starts at 1:30 pm done at midnight -anything grossed late
the day before
2nd Shandon processor starts at 4:30 pm done at 4:00 am -all fatty tissue
i.e.: breasts, colons  any tissue that is "regrossable" etc
3rd VIP processor starts at 5:30 pm done at 4:00 am -everything else goes
A VIP processor is in the budget for next July- biopsies only will go here
and we will take the Shandon out back and relieve it of it's misery

3.	What is cut-off time for ending gross?

actually the PA's refuse to have one but have been told not to put anything
on the processors after they start.

4.	Do you let fresh specimens fix adequately before decal?

I don't think we do but the PA's think we do and I don't believe that we
decal long enough.

5.	Do you let fresh specimens fix adequately before processing?

We try to, no breasts or colons are put in after 3:00 although they are
grossed in.

6.	Do you still work Saturdays?

Yes, but the Saturday workload is not that bad. We do try to cut as many
blocks as we can to make Monday easier because someone is always off for

Lynn Dize
Piedmont Hospital
Atlanta, Ga

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