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Dear Judith and others,

As of yesterday, the ASCP BOR staff tells me that there is no CD available
for the HT/HTL exam review. There was an older edition of an examination
review that came with a diskette that could be used for practice, but that
has been discontinued due to its being outdated. A new one is being
developed, but is not marketed yet. I'm told that even the new one will not
be in CD format, rather still diskette. Please check with the ASCP press or
others at the BOR for updates on its availability.

Good luck to you in your study and examination endeavors.

Glenda F. Hoye, B.S., HT(ASCP)
Histotechnology Program Director
Indiana University School of Allied Health Sciences
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5119


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ASCP's Board of Registry sells a CD Rom program that behaves the same as the
CAT exam that the tech already took.  It is multiple-choice and increases in
difficulty with correctly answered questions.  It has photographs.  It
calculates a score for you at the end of your "mock" exams so that you may
monitor improvement. It also gives you the correct answers and references
when you miss a question.  It scrambles or randomly selects questions so
that you don't memorize the same one everytime you see it. It has both HT
and HTL levels available in the one CD Rom (you get to select which program
each time you "start-up".  I used this prior to my exam and found it very

I used all of the NSH materials, both written and computer disks, they're
helpful as each group (ASCP, MSH, NSH) has a slightly different focus.  The
Michigan Study Guide that Peggy mentioned was the backbone of my studying.
It takes a lot of time to complete all of the templates and questions, and
at least 5 different text/references books, but it helps you to organize
your knowledge and clearly points out your weak areas. NSH has Peggy Wenk's
teleconference available regarding how to take the HT/HTL Exam.  This too,
is very important in organizing your studying.  I joined NSH, New York
State's Histotechnological Society and the Vermont/New Hampshire State Histo
Society.  I went to as many meetings and symposiums as I could.  I met many
kind and wonderful people that offered to help (and did).  I studied for 1
year before I sat for the ASCP CAT exam, but I only had to take it once.

This mass media approach worked for me, your tech will have to see what
works best for them.  Wish her/him good luck from me!

Judy  LaDuc, BS HTL(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Adirondack Medical Center
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

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Subject: ASCP Registry exam study material

> Does anyone have a suggestion for current study guide material for the
> registry exam?  A tech in the lab I work in didn't pass last time and used
> the NSH material.  Is there anything else out there that worked for anyone
> who DID pass?
> Thanks
> Nancy

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