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I can second Joyce's recommendation. Some years ago I worked at the
University of Georgia and before my time there had been a flood in the lab.
There was a Leitz 4100 base sledge microtome on the bench that was frozen
solid when I arrived. Klaus took the microtome and within a few weeks and
for a fraction of the cost of a replacement had it working as well as a new
instrument. We continued to use the instrument for the ten years I was there
and with his preventative maintenance it was working as well when I left as
it was when it did the repair. He always kept our 1512s in great condition.

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I have news for those of you who love these old workhorses and would like
repairs instead of replacement microtomes! Klaus Dern, my friend and
microtome service man for many years, can make parts that are no longer
available for this instrument! I was chatting with him about this and
volunteered to tell the Histo world only as a service to you. He can
completely refurbish the 1512s. He formerly worked at Ernst Leitz Wetzlar
G.mb.H. in Germany, and just does wonders with these machines. 

This recommendation comes from me - only as a friend of Klaus and as a lover
of these old microtomes. I can still sometimes sit down in front of our new
Leica and reach for the knob in the front! Old habits die hard. :>)

If anyone is interested, please email me privately for phone no. and

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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