Looking for a new MICROWAVE

From:Miranda DeMaso <mdemaso2000@yahoo.com>

  Is anyone out there using a laboratory microwave
that they would recomend to others?

  In the last year, we purchased 2 new Sigma H2100
microwave (0-900 watts).  We were having great luck,
but a possible electic surge has shorted out the
magnatron in one, and the second seems to be having a
magnatron problem of another kind (intermittent bursts
or "sparking" of the magnatron instead of the nice
even on-off cycle).
  Anyway, we may have to buy a new microwave because
replacing the magnatron is too expensive and may cost
more than a new model.
  Can anyone suggest a model they like?

  Thanks in advance!

Miranda DeMaso
South Bend Medical Foundation
South Bend IN

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