Histo Air Monitoring

From:Barbara Stancel <bstancel@hotmail.com>

Ya'll have been so helpful in the past...and I am ever so thankful. Now I 
have a new set of questions.

I have tried a couple of air monitoring systems, but haven't found one that 
was easy to use AND doesn't cost an small fortune.  Would you please take a 
few minutes and answer my questions?  Just send your reply back to me and if 
anyone is interested, I'll post a summary on the Histonet.

What kind of air monitoring system do you use?  How long?
How frequently?
Do you have to report your findings (+ or -), or do you just keep them
   on file?
Do you monitor for organic vapors? alcohol? xylene? formaldehyde?
Did you choose the system or did someone choose it for you?
Will you continue to use this system?
If you are staying with this system is it because it is easy to use?
   or is it reasonably priced?

Thank you very much,

Histologically yours,
Barbara Stancel
Lead Technician, Pathology
Athens, Georgia 30605
e-mail  bstancel@hotmail.com

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