HIER on frozen tissue sections -Reply

From:Tony Henwood <AnthonyH@chw.edu.au>


If the frozen sections have benn fixed in ethanol and not been in contact
with formalin, then I would probably not retrieve. Even a short time in
formalin may not be a problem (ie urgent frozen sections that are "fixed"
in formalin tend to be only for a very short time ?1minute or less and the
crosslinking probably may not have occured).
Would it be possible to try on another case that has been frozen
sectioned, stained H&E and yet has confirmed positive staining on
parraffin sections?
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>>> Richard Cartun <Rcartun@harthosp.org> 28/February/2001 06:20am
Has anyone tried doing heat-induced epitope retrieval on de-stained
(H&E) frozen tissue sections?  I have been asked to stain two frozen
section slides, one for ER (clone 6F11) and one for TTF-1 (clone
8G7G3/1) because there is no tumor left in the permanent sections. 

R. Cartun

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