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From:Tony Henwood <AnthonyH@chw.edu.au>

Have you tried using an anti-fluorescein antibody followed by your
normal immunohistochemical detection technique. Advantage here is that
you can check the reaction with your UV microscope prior to performing
your IPX reaction. Both monoclonal and polyclonal Abs are available. Try

Beware of using biotinylated probes since  if you use an anti-biotin
rather than a direct Avidin demonstration technique, endogenous biotin
will be a problem. It is unmasked after enzyme treatment.

Hope this helps,
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>>> Kappeler Andreas <kappeler@patho.unibe.ch> 26/February/2001
06:54pm >>>
Hi Rena
Kreatech in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has EBER probes labeled with
biotin or digoxigenin (http://www.kreatech.com/). I think Zymed
Kreatech products in the U.S.

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland

From: Rena Fail <rfail@charleston.net>
To: <histonet@pathology.swmed.edu>
Sent: Sat 24 Feb 2001 02:02

>     We are using fluoresceinated Epstein virus EBER probe for in situ
> hybridization and though it is working we would prefer  to use a probe
> is not fluoresceinated. Does anyone know of a source for a biotin
> probe?
>       Thank you.
>     Rena Fail AS,HT(ASCP)
>     SS/IHC lAB
>     Medical University of SC
>     Charleston,SC

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