California Meeting - San Diego

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The CSH meeting will be held May 17-20, 2001, at the Radisson Hotel Harbor
View, San Diego, California.  
Registration information should be ready to mail by the end of March.  If
you would like to receive the program and registration information, reply
with your name and mailing address.

Worshop Topics:
Thur:, May 17:
1. Microwaves: Routine Histologic Applications: From Theory to Practice for
2. Formalin Safety in the Health Care Workplace
3. The Effects of Fixation and Antigen Retrieval on Immunohistochemical
Staining of Paraffin Sections.
4. Quality System Management: The future for Managing Laboratory Quality.
5. Basic Chemistry for the Histotechnician.
6. State of the Art Contrast Enhancement Tools Used for Quantitative
Histology and Diagnostic Pathology.

Fri, May 18:
7. Control Blocks for Histology and Immunohistochemistry.
8. Personalit6y Types in the Histology Laboratory.
9. Getting a Degree Without Leaving Home
10. Basic Immunology for the Histotechnician.
11.Gross Macro Digital Photography.
12. Special Stains: Their Chemical Mechanisms

Sat., May 19:
13. Microwave Workshop
14. Are You Ready for the HT Exam?
15. Creating a Competency Assessment Program in Your Histology Lab.
16. Quality Assurance and Staining

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