knife sharpening

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When having knives RECONDITIONED by Dorn and Hart, they always put an angle
on the edge of approx 32- 35 degrees.  When using a Shandon knife
sharpener, the angle is always set and kept at at 35 degrees for the life
of the knife.    However bevel edge will elongate (something I liked for
large decalcified bone sectioning (paraffin) but the angle was 35 degrees.  

If you fiddly dink with the angle too much, it will mean some fiddly
dinking at the microtome to compensate for changed angle.  I would keep the
angle constant.    


At 08:14 AM 2/13/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>I have a question about knife sharpening. It's a basic
>question since we just started into histology. We have
>our knives sharpened automatically, and the person who
>is doing this for us increases the knife angle each
>time time the knife is sharpened, for instance from 35
>to 35.25 degrees. Other people say this is rather
>strange and the angle should remain constant while
>sharpening. Also, what exactly is this angle? is it
>the total angle between the two facets of the knife?
>thanks in advance
>Marc Kropholler
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