Xylene usage

From:David Taylor Manager <DTMan@KINGMOWER.COM.AU>

Dear fellow microtomist's,

If I, a member of my family, close friend, enemy or other was having a
specimen processed on a tissue processor, I would expect fresh reagents. Do
use an enclosed processor if the money is there, do rotate like reagent from
from old to new, do buy a TP that makes this easy, (VIP, or my personel
choice, Leica TP1050.)

We at K&M, and I'm sure others, can tell on opening a retort lid, if the wax
should have been changed yesterday, or on embedding if the fixation was not

In pathology, we receive money from patient's for a service provided.

Provide a good service, change reagents, it does make a difference to the
end product.


David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

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