Re: transporting samples in formalin

From:"P. Emry" <>

Hi Tahir,

I used to ship large numbers of nbf fixed specimens just by emptying the
containers.  They're fixed and will be wet enough to keep moist for a long
time.  Some small ones I wrapped in cheese cloth wet with nbf.

There are
some presevatives you can put in after fixed with nbf.
2-Phenoxy-ethanol used at 1% dilution has worked well for me.  (sigma
P-1126).  Prefer fix has been great for us.  Wouldn't go back to nbf for

U of Washington, Seattle

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Tahir Mahmood wrote:

> hi
> does anyone have any suggestions on transporting tissue samples which are in
> NBF? They are currently in jars, and i need to FedEx them to a collaborator's
> lab as they are (ie, non-embedded). Is it even ok to send anything in formalin
> via courier?
> thanks,
> -Tahir

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