Re: transporting samples in formalin

From:Connie McManus <>

We receive tissues in BNF all the time.  They come in plastic screw cap
jars.  These jars are enclosed in a zip-lock plastic bag, which is
placed in a box with lots of shipping peanuts.  I don't know what kind
of regulations you have to deal with, but ours are well packed and
labeled.  Check with your mail courier to see what they recommend.

Connie M 

Tahir Mahmood wrote:
> hi
> does anyone have any suggestions on transporting tissue samples which are in
> NBF? They are currently in jars, and i need to FedEx them to a collaborator's
> lab as they are (ie, non-embedded). Is it even ok to send anything in formalin
> via courier?
> thanks,
> -Tahir


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