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on 2/9/01 5:20 AM, Renee Thacker at wrote:

> I am having trouble sectioning frozen tissue that has previously been
> sectioned.  The tissue will section wonderfully the first time then
> when resectioned weeks/months later the sections rip, separate from
> the embedding media, and sections in general just look awful.
> So I was wondering how people are storing frozen tissue that is
> sectioned and then will need to be sectioned at a later date stored
> (liquid nitrogen, -80 freezer wrapped in foil, etc.?). Generally I'm
> working with fresh frozen unfixed tissue but some fixed tissue as
> well.
> Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Renee
Probably the tissue has dessicated while in the freezer. One way around this
is to take a small container that has a lid (preferably screw top), and
freeze a small amount of water in the bottom of this container. Then put
your tissue in this container, secure the lid, and place in the freezer.
This should help keep the tissue from drying out. I have done this with
muscle biopsies. Hope this helps.

Patti Loykasek
Phenopath Laboratories

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