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Louise Hecker wrote:

> Hello,
> I am a histologist at Binghamton University.  I have a student that is
> interested in doing some basic histology on soft plant leaves.  She would
> eventually like to do some histochemistry.  My experience in histology has
> only been with animals.  Does anyone have a very general protocol for
> plants?  Such as: what fixatives to use, how to process the tissue, how to
> infiltrate properly, etc.  Any information would be useful. thanks,
> Louise Hecker
> Louise Hecker
> Histology/Cell Biology/Bldg. Admin.
> Department of Biological Sciences
> Binghamton University
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> (607)777-6207

"Botanical Microtechnique and Cytochemistry" by Graeme P. Berlyn is pretty
much the classic in the field. The latest edition is 1976 (?) but I think it
is still in print.

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