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You can buy mouse antimouse primary antibodies already biotinylated, and
avoid the secondary binding problem.  

Dako ARK kit is based on this theory.  We have had success with a mouse to
mouse kit from a company called Scytek out of Logan UT.  After much
discussion at the last NSH convention, it was learned some kits work better
than others based on the fact that some antibodies biotinylate better than

Even with biotinylated primaries, the protocol requires some tweaking ie
less concentrated primary.


At 01:56 PM 2/5/01 +0000, you wrote:
> Has anyone experience of using mouse monoclonal antibodies on 
>mouse tissue?
>I am aware of kits available to combine the primary to a labelled 
>secondary anti mouse (Fab) and mouse serum in vitro before 
>applying to sections ( and hence binding only the specific antigen), 
>but was wondering if there is some easier and less expensive way 
>to do this.
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