Re: micro chatter in GI bx

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Hi Barb,
         I don't think it is a processing problem,I think it is a microtomy 
problem. When trimming these, dont rough trim in big steps and cut a few 
sections at 3-4 microns before taking a section. Good sharp blades are 
required also and have everything tight on the microtome.

Annette Ryan

  03:59 PM 2/13/01 -0700, you wrote:
>My problem:    micro chatter in Gi biopsies
>I need suggestions for improving processing for  GI biopsies.
>Here's is what we do already:
>*  Fixation:     10% formalin fixed  (our pathologists hate Hollande'
>that is not an option.)
>*  Processing:   We have a separate biopsy only run, which averages 50
>biopsy blocks a day.
>     we presently use a 4 hour run with Pro-Par and ProSoft no heat on a
>Shandon XP.  We have tried a 6 hour (same results as a 4 hour) and a two
>hour run (underprocessed tissue).  We  have also tried a 4 hour run with
>regular alcohols/xylene processing....same results as we presently get.
>We change/rotate processor reagents weekly or bi-weekly depending on needs.
>* Microtomy:  We cut two levels.  Blocks are placed on ice trays and soaked
>between levels.   We cut at 4 microns.  Chatter is not grossly visible on
>the waterbath.
>Any suggestions?
>Barb Davies
>Memorial Hospital
>Colorado Springs, CO

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