Re: headphones in Histology (Teri Johnson)

I agree with this view as well.  The problem with having the radio on is it
seems everybody likes a different radio station and it's difficult to find
something everyone can agree on.  As long as everybody understands the
"rules" I don't see this to be much of a problem.

-Teri Johnson
Physicians Reference Laboratory
Overland Park, KS

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> Headphones are allowed in our very busy histology lab.   One person
> frequently takes advantage of this  and it has never been a problem.  He
> has always kept up with the conversation at hand and has always responded
> to the frozens, kidneys, muscle or pathologist stat needs without delay or
> any problem.  We would change the ruling if a serious problem presented
> itself...but so far, so good.  (We have been doing this for years!)   This
> individual works better with constant noise  as opposed to some of the
> of us who work better with quiet.  To each his own!
> Barb Davies
> Memorial Hospital
> Colorado Springs, CO

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