Re: clip-on in situ hybridization chambers

From:Karin Pittman <>

Dear Histonetters
We have been doing in situ hybridizations for a while and had trouble with 
the preparations drying out during the long incubation time. We tried some 
newer specially made incubation chambers but still no luck. We recently 
noticed that Sigma produces "Probe-clip press-seal incubation chambers" 
(catalogue number Z35,947-5) which are 22 x 40 mm for clipping right onto 
the slide. They sell in packages of 25 and are re-useable. Does anyone have 
any experience with these?
Thanks for your help
Dr. Karin Pittman
Assoc. Professor
Dept. of Fisheries and Marine Biology
University of Bergen
5020 Bergen

tel: 47 55 58 44 72 (direct)
fax: 47 55 58 44 50

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