Re: Xylene usage

From:Barry Rittman <>

I come from a generation that usually erred on the side of caution when using
I believe that whatever works for you is what you should go with.
I do have two concerns:
I do not work in a certified lab (certifiable people certainly). Is there a
requirement re the volume of xylene that can be used for x number of blocks?
Most of the discussions revolve around tissues that are cut and stained within a
short time. As most of the processing in path labs is somewhat rapid there is a
likelihood that traces of xylene will be left in the tissue. If this xylene has
numerous contaminants will this not affect the future use of the blocks?
I have no direct knowledge of this but put this up for discussion.
As far as using xylene for clearing sections, I am a firm believer in using as
fresh xylene as possible.

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