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No, I have not seen any deterioration in immunostains as a result of
stretching the xylene on the tissue processor. I find that if the tissue
sections well, it syains well. However, I am very cautious about deceration
of immuno's and always use fresh Histoclear and alcohols to decerate immuno
slides- this might be where any difficulty is introduced. Regards,
Jeff Silverman
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> Jeff,
> I am curious to know if you experience any trouble with your
> immunhistochemistry results?  We too try to extend the use of our
> with no visible difference in H&E and routine special stains.  However,
> see a decrease in stain intensity and some inconsistency in immunos when
> rotate solutions less frequently or "stuff" the processor with tissues
> saturate our alcohols.
> Michaelle
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> > Here's a subject dear to my heart.I'm one of those histotechs who tries
> > get the most mileage out of my solutions. By close monitoring of
> > and staining characteristics, I have found that it is not at all
> > detrimental
> > to use the same two baths of xylene for up to four weeks, 5 days per
> > Over twenty years I have done this stretching act on a Technicon duo,
> > later
> > on a VIP, and most recently on a Shandon Path Centre for up to four
> > processing 40-90 blocks per day including numerous breast and skin
> > specimens. Even though the solutions get quite yellow, they function
> > well for three and sometimes up to four weeks as long as absolutes and
> > paraffins are rotated weekly, or maybe after a week and a half. If you
> > careful and observant, it really is possible to stretch out the useful
> > life
> > of xylenes. My xylene waste per month is just under two gallons (7500
> > surgicals/year). We use limonene to purge and stain. Just my experience.
> > Jeff Silverman
> >

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