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>I search for an aqueous mounting medium (slides are stained with AEC)!!

Try Crystalmount. You cover the stained hydrated sections with it and let
it dry. It forms a protective film over the sections, which can then be
coverslipped with toluene-based media like Eukitt or DPX.

While Cryalmount dries, its refractive index increases to values close to
that of glass, thus you end up with a very nicely transparent preparation
comparable to dehydrated and toluene-cleared sections.

Crystalmount is sold by Biomeda if I remember well. Shandon has a similar
product, Aquaperm if I remember correctly. Shandon's Immunomount would do
also, but it is used like a conventional mounting medium (to apply the
coverslip) and it's refractive index is nowhere near that of glass, thus
the preparations are not as transparent as with the Crystalmount or the


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