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I that big long diatribe I just sent, I forgot to let you know ... we use
histoclear in everything... including the tissue processor.  I transfer stained
slides to xylene, however, as i don't like the way my mounting media reacts with
the histoclear.  I coverslip in a hood and wear nitrile gloves.  If I have >1
basket (>30 slides), I change gloves with each basket.   Sorry to be so
long-winded.  *g*

Connie M

"Carson, Karla" wrote:

> Kathy,  We use AmeriClear everywhere except on our enclosed tissue
> processors.  Since we do annual monitoring we feel the environment is safe
> for all.
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> Mercy Health Care Sacramento
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>                 Good morning fellow histotechs,
>                 Another few questions from Eastern Oregon.  Do you have a
> protocol for
>                 pregnant histotechs? ? ?  Are they allowed to continue to
> work as usual?
>                 The lab manager just presented me with an article that
> xylene is a risk to
>                 the unborn child.  (like I don't know how dangerous our
> chemicals are) And
>                 wants me to investigate replacements for  xylene.  I tried
> several
>                 substitutes years ago and went back to xylene.   Do you use
> a xylene
>                 substitute?  Which one?  How do you handle the concern for
> the techs who
>                 are in their child bearing years if you use xylene?   Thanks
> for your
>                 expertise once again.
>                 Kathy Gorham, H.T.
>                 Grande Ronde Hospital
>                 Ls Grande, Oregon


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