Re: Organ Retention

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    I, not being of one of these faiths, am at a bit of a loss then. Do
bury the slides and blocks with the patient? If not then what is the
between blocks and wet tissue? What if the pathologist has to go back
into the
leftover tissue because something was missed, and it has been buried? Is
any special dispensation protecting them from being sued for needing
more tests?
It seems a bit excessive to exhume the body.
    Perhaps it might be to the best advantage of hospitals to have a
pre-surgical disclaimer saying that if there is any intent of the
patient to
retain the tissues it must be given before the surgery begins. If there
is no
notice given then all tissues or fluids become the property of the
    Forgive my nescience in this. I'm not trying to be contrary,
defensive but not contrary.
Amos Brooks

PS: I did use a thesaurus for "nescience", I just couldn't bring my
haughty self
to type ignorant :-)

"Terrett, Barb" wrote:

> Some religions, and personal beliefs require that everything be buried, i.e.
> a relatively intact body. Regardless, personal wishes must be respected. It
> is not my body, it is someone elses. My personal beliefs are not important.
> It should be up to a WELL informed family what will happen to their loved
> ones bodies including all the bits and pieces.

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