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From:Rena Fail <rfail@Charleston.Net>

<html> Monica,<br>       I use a modified version of Roque's Chromotrope 2R<br> <br>                          <b>Chromotrope 2R                                 pH solution to 2.0-2.2                                  <br> </b>       Chromotrope2R                               2.0gm<br>        Aniline Blue                                    0.5gm<br>        Phosphotungstic acid                      1.0gm<br>        Hydrochloric acid,0.02N solution       100cc<br> <br> 1 Deparaffinize and hydrate to distilled water.<br> 2.Stain in Weigert's  Iron Hematoxylin for 10 minutes<br> 3.Wash in tap water for 10 minutes, rinse in distilled water<br> 4. 1% Phosphomolybdic acid(aqueous) for 1-<u>3</u> minutes<br> 5  Rinse well in distilled water<br> 6. Stain in Chromotrope aniline blue solution for 8 mminutttes<br> 7 Rinse in distilled water, dehydrate through graded alcohols,clear in xylene, coverslip<br> <br> RESULTS<br> Hyaline bodies           Bright blue or red with blue periphery<br> Chromatin stains        pink or bluish<br> Nucleoli                     red<br> Cytoplasm                  pink to purplish<br> collagen and reticulin   blue<br>     <br>  the following is a note from Roque's paper<br>  These variations in staining depend on the structure of the hyaline bodies, which consist of a core of basic proteins surrounded by an outer layer of glycoproteins.<br> <br> Reference Laboratory Investigation, vol 2,NO.1,1953<br> <br> Rena Fail AS HT(ASCP)<br> SS/IHC LAB<br> Medical University of SC<br> Charleston, SC<br> <br> Hope <b>my</b> spell checker workeed <b>:)<br> <br> </b>At 10:08 PM 2/14/01 +0930, you wrote:<br> <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Can someone provide me with method for Chromatotrope-Aniline Blue for<br> colagen and mallory bodies please?<br> <br> Regards,<br> <br> Monika Stanczew<br> Histology<br> Royal Darwin Hospital,<br> Australia<br> e-mail:</blockquote><br> </html>
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