Re: Masson Trichrome on methacrylate sections

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What methacrylate, glycol or methyl??  

They both can present problems.  

T blue is a standard, Joann Eurell/Diane Sterchi have a publication in J of
Histotechnology on a microwaveable (to pre heat the stain) for undecalcied
bone sections, pH is important, and also concentration, etching technics.
Published in 1997 or so

At 01:23 PM 2/9/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I need a procedure for staining Methacrylate sections using Masson Trichrome.
>Would it be the same for Paraffin embedded sections, or is there some
modification needed?
>I also have a Doctor who likes Toluidine Blue O stain for Calcified 5
Micron Bone Sections. I was wondering if there is a better or more
effective procedure I can experiment with? 
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