Re: Help please

From:George Beaver <>

Thanks Connie,
I have gotten many responses to my e-mail error. I was just trying to send the
e-mail to my friends in my address book and forgot about histo net being on
the list as well. Some histonetters have replied positively like you, while
others have informed me that histonet is no place for this type of message. My
feeling is that this is a good media to help increase the knowledge of general
histology to all. To those offended my deepest apologies.

Connie McManus wrote:

> George,
> What a peachy thing to do!  I sent them a response with links to histology
> websites.
> Connie M
> George Beaver wrote:
> > Ms. Thompson's third grade social studies class from Durham, North
> > Carolina USA is doing an internet project to see just how many people
> > one E-mail can impact. They will be graphing the number of responses and
> > the locations they receive e-mails from around the world. Please help by
> > sending an E-mail containing your city, state, and country to
> >
> >
> > That's it
> > Thanks for your help.
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