Re: Help please/possible HOAX

From:Connie McManus <>

I agree.  I got the same reply (duh, it's an auto reply),  but I don't think it's
a hoax. But with +200,000 responses, yahoo mail is probably getting overloaded.

I think it's a sad  commentary on our life in the age that we have to be so wary
of dishonest, malicious behavior from others that we can't just naively and
happly resond to such a request.  I must be in the naive category.  when I read
the original post, I just thought it was a cool thing to do and immediately sent
a message.  It never occurred to me that it may be something malicious,devious or
dishonest.  I felt a little foolish after reading the warnings other posted, but
done is done and we'll see.  I listen to NPR every morning and evening, so
eventually, we will see what we will see.

Connie M. wrote:

> Well, I don't think the notice about Ms. Thompson's third grade class should
> have been posted on Histonet, but I'm inclined to think - unless somebody
> comes up with evidence to the contrary - that it's probably not a hoax.
> I replied to it, and here's the "Yahoo Auto Reply" I got:
> Bob Richmond
> *****************
> Thank you for sending us a reply.  Our project is going very well, thanks to
> nice people like you! As of today, Wednesday, February 7, 2001, we have
> received 200,000+ replies (about 5,000 - 10,000 per day)! Our note has
> traveled to all of the continents: North America, South America, Europe
> Australia, Africa, Antarctica, & Asia and been in EVERY state in the United
> States. As the note jumps from continent to continent it has visited 130
> countries (out of 191)!
> We are no longer searching for or logging addresses in the United States.  If
> you have not already forwarded the message, please omit anyone in the United
> States.  Sorry, but our mailbox is overflowing!
> Also, we are due to be featured in the March 9th issue of "Weekly Reader"
> magazine. Next week you will be able to hear us on National Public Radio here
> in the Unites States.  We are not sure of the exact time or date, but will
> update this message when we know.
> Ms. Thompson &
> The Thrilling Third Tribe
> Greenbriar Academy,
> Durham, NC, USA


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