Re: Frozen section adherence again!!!!!!!

From:"Rajan S. Bawa" <>

Dear Csaba & Histonetters:

We have found that for tissues and procedures (including
immunohistochemistry) that present  a big challenge in staying adhered to
the slide, using aminosilane coated slides helps much more than even
polylysine slides. Newcomer Supply (800)383-7799 provides these strongly
adhering slides which come in a variety of colors. Csaba, perhaps these
could work for you!

Dr. Rajan Bawa
Colorado Histoprep

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Subject: Frozen section adherence again!!!!!!!

> Please write me  some tips....
> my spinal cord slices goes down from the silan slides during the protokoll
> of in situ hibr.
> I wrote some days ago but not any answer  yet......
> Csaba

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