Re: Frozen section adherence again!!!!!!!

From:Shirley Powell <powell_sa@Mercer.EDU>

I have had experience with sections washing from positive slides when post fixed
in B5 or a mercury fixative.  Not being an expert in chemistry, I can only
speculate as to the reason, so I will not bore you with my thoughts.  But my
remedy is to float the tissue sections on a water bath with .025% agar
(10mL/1000 deionized H20 ), pick up sections on plain slides, drain the slides
well and place on a flat warming stage at 60 degrees for an hour, or for brain
or bone, overnight.  The sections survive HIER and immunostaining on the

"Weems, Joyce" wrote:

> Oops - we didn't mean to ignore you!! I'm not the expert here, but have you
> tried charged slides? They seem to be the answer to all our tissue adherence
> problems.
> Joyce Weems
> Pathology Manager
> Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
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>         Please write me  some tips....
>         my spinal cord slices goes down from the silan slides during the
> protokoll
>         of in situ hibr.
>         I wrote some days ago but not any answer  yet......
>         Csaba

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