Re: Frozen section adherence again!!!!!!!

From:Margaret Gondo <>

Here is the website for the Histonet Search Page. 

Sections coming off the slides are a common problem that has been
discussed alot so you might find some tips here if no one answers.

Some quick ideas regarding sections coming off -

1 - check the type of slides you are using.  If they are dirty/grease
you need to clean them before you salinize them (you are probably
already doing this.  I've just run across slides that so dirty it was
pathetic!).  I've had very good results with Fisher brand Superfrost
Plus (Fisher Cat# 12-550-15)

2 - if you are doing paraffin sections. It might help to dry your slides
over night in a 37C oven before you use them

hope it helps,

Szigeti Csaba wrote:
> Please write me  some tips....
> my spinal cord slices goes down from the silan slides during the protokoll
> of in situ hibr.
> I wrote some days ago but not any answer  yet......
> Csaba

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