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I am all for some friendly chatter, jokes, and innocent banter on the
Histonet now and then.  It certainly brightens up otherwise humdrum days.
However, working at a large university, where computers are infected with
viruses almost on a monthly basis, I have become wary of placing my name on
any email mailing list.  Inasmuchas I agree that the world is getting too
cynical and we all could use a bit of levity among 'friends', it is still my
contention that we should be careful where we send our addresses.  Once a
virus gets into your address book, you're screwed.  All I was saying in a
previous e, was to think twice about the source before answering (or opening
up) such requests.

All that said and done.... keep sending those day brighteners, people!

Jan Shivers

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> Talk about a cynical world!  Sometimes I would liketo go to the top of a
> mountain and live alone.  Why do people have to assume the worst about
> e-mails?  Not everyone is a crook and why not post this on the Histonet?/
> Good lord-get a life out there.  I think it is a wonderful idea and unless
> am told otherwise I will respond-isn't that the whole idea of the WWW-we
> all connected and like any other area of free speech it will have it's
> problems.  I hope these kids alll end of in the computer industry as
> careers-they probably will-who know what seed has been planted that will
> produce a POSITIVE result.  Enough said.
> Disgusted.  I would rather see this type of request than the endless bad
> jokes and stupid comments some people post on here.
> Sue Becker
> Albany, NY

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