Re: Counterstain for Paraffin embedded sections??

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    After counterstaining immediately dehydrate the slides in acetone.
Do not put them in water. After acetone put them in a couple changes of
xylene then coverslip. Methyl green comes right out in water and
alcohol. I stain for only a minute and get good results with three
rinses of acetone then xylene.
Amos Brooks

Kathie Berghorn wrote:

> Hi.
>         I am hoping someone can help us.   We just recently began
> working with paraffin embedded sections.  We are getting good
> staining with the primary antibodies we are using.  The problem is
> the counterstain.  We would like to use methyl green, but we cannot
> get the tissue to take it up despite our best efforts. We left it on
> for an hour, we made up new methyl green, all to no avail.  We are
> using DAB as the chromogen for our primary antibody staining.  Could
> someone recommend a good counterstain that would provide nice
> contrast and work in paraffin sections?
>         Any recommendations would be most appreciated!  Thanks.
> Kathie

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