Re: Bright Open Top Cryostat

From:Sandra Livingston <>

Thanks, Annette.  I have gotten many responses - all very helpful.  A HACKER rep will
be walking us through the procedure by phone.  From what I've been told the microtome
in the cryostat is probably a Huxley, but your description sounds like what  I suspect
is happening.  When I go back to where the microtome is located, we will provide the
serial number to HACKER to make sure of the microtome type.

"" wrote:

> Hello Sandra,
>         I have that cryostat with a Bright rotary retracting microtome inside. It
> sounds like you ran out of travel on the lead screw and the solution is
> simple. You rewind the wheel at the top of the microtome (anticlockwise)
> and then move the knife and holder forwards to the tissue and trim and cut
> your section.
>         Next time you decontaminate take the microtome out and have a good look at
> the mechanics of it. See what happens when you go too far winding, the
> thing can actually detach and you must train all the staff about this
> because it is a disaster if it happens during a frozen to someone
> unfamiliar with it.
>          When I have  a frozen the first thing I do is reset the wheel. Hope this
> helps. Bright Instruments can probably get you a manual as they are very
> much still in business and on histonet.
> Annette Ryan FAMLS
> Medical Laboratory Technologist,
> Histology laboratory,
> Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
> Drogheda
> Co Louth.
> Ireland

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