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We have a CBG distiller for xylene, alcohol and Clear-Rite lll.  Aside from
using tech time we like using it.  We've cut way back on solvent waste along
with cutting way down on purchasing solvents.  We find we have to clean out
the filter quite frequently.  The machine is quiet.  The smell isn't
objectionable. Ergonomically its hard lifting containers up and down (we
lowered the counter).  The CBG people are very helpful and concerned when we
have problems.  The only problem we've really was overheating but we've
remedied that by replacing the fan. 

Hope this helps.

Judi Ford
Palo Alto, CA

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We are demo-ing a CBG Biotech xylene distiller.  Any comments from anybody 
using one?  or did anyone chose another brand?   pros? cons?

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