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Like Connie, I also use Leica gear, I have 2 RM2153 microtomes, (which in my
opinion are the best microtomes available in Australia for cutting a wide
spectrum of tissue types), 2 TP1050 tissue processors, (also the best on the
market for my money down-under, although some others are not convinced, the
VIP is considered by some to be more relaible, but not my experience), we
also have Leica water-baths, hot-plates and embedder. No reliability
problems after 4 years and would purchase again.
David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

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I use a leica RM2145 microtome.  It cuts paraffins sections & uses a low
profile disposable blade. You can also get another knife holder for
tungsten carbide knives and block chucks to cut plastics (MMA). It does
a great job on small MMA embedded bone, but it is limited to smallish

As for a tissue processor, I have a Leica TP1050.  It's entirely
enclosed system and works great.  We keep this and our autostainer under
a fume hood and there are absolutely no fumes in this lab.  It's

One word of advise:  whatever company you go with, I would lobby hard to
get service contracts on your equipment.  It costs a bit up front, but
in the long run, you're miles and miles ahead because when you do have a
problem, you're covered. Otherwise, you'll pay far more for one service
visit than the cost of the service contract.    I have all Leica
instruments... automatic stainer, processor, embedder and microtome...
and there are service contracts on every one of them.  This has been
very valuable, especially now that the equipment is a few years old.

good luck!

Connie McManus

Aneeta Patel wrote:
> I am looking in to a purchase for a microtome and a tissue processer.if
anyone has any suggestions as to which are the best vendors/companies,please
e-mail and let me know.thanks


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