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From:Sharon Osborn <>

Try using alcoholic eosin (or eosin with phloxine if desired) to mark
these.  It goes through the processing well and does not interfere with
routine staining.  also allows one to see these critters during cutting. 
Works as the mercurochrome has.  sharon osborn, san francisco

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> Date: 2/14/01 2:13:19 PM
> Subject: mercurochrome replacement
> Since the production of  mercurochrome is no longer available.  We have
> cleaned out all the backwoods pharmacy in these hills.  Does anyone have a
> procedure for marking prostate needles and other small biopsies.  We have
> the powder.  Anyone know of what % soultion aqueous ?  alcoholic?
> We tried using margin ink.  It just doesn't have the same effect.  Thanks
> in advance for any suggestions.

--- Sharon Osborn
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