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I've worked in several labs, some of which people chose to wear
headphones, and some didn't.  It was always up to the person, but I must
say that keeping it limited to when they were cutting, or embedding, and
at a
reasonable volume so if someone had a question, so they wouldn't have 
to yell or grab the person were priorities as well!  There would always be
a separate person doing frozens, and answering the phone, as those were
rotations assigned during a given week.

Another advantage is, as we all know, the labs we work in tend to be high
pressure, and there are all kinds of personalities we sometimes get along
with, and sometimes we don't.  Sometimes listening to soothing music,
other than what might be blaring on the "community" radio in house
can be a relief. 

If headphones help alleviate any kind of stress, then they should be
allowed, and even considered theraputic to a certain degree.  There was  
an employee who was so stressed out, that they were given the "OK" to
play music in an area otherwise not allowed to have music because of this. 

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On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, O'Brien, Sue wrote:

> So - who's answering the phone(s)? Listening to automation/instrumentation
> for abnormal sounds (e.g. slides crashing on auto coverslipper)? Responding
> to co-workers work related queries? Just my opinion, but a histology lab is
> a professional workplace, not an entertainment center. (Radio's set so that
> they do not interfere with work flow should do the trick!). 
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> P.S. Of course, if your lab doubles as a secretarial area, and that is where
> the pathology transcription takes place - then that is another whole
> matter....)
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> 	Does anyone know if there are any safety issues or requirements with
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> 	wearing headphones in the histology lab?
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