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Joking aside, 
I did work in a lab once where headphones were allowed. They got the idea
from the IRS, which allowed workers to where headphones because it reduced
chatting and let (made?) people focus on their work more and led to higher
efficiency. Some in our lab did that for years. Usually it was those who
were cutting and did not have other duties to take care of besides cutting.
I don't see a safety issue considering that most conversation can be heard
in spite of the headphones (and rules could be made about volumne).


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We had a discussion over this at our lab exec meeting. It was decided that
head phones would not be allowed. The head of risk management and the head
of the safety department considered it problematic. I am not sure I see that
it is a safety concern and they didn't give a specific reason. My personal
feeling is that if you are working in histo with a group of people, for
maximum efficiency, you need to be aware of what is going on and be able to
interact with coworkers. However, if it is not a busy lab, no frozens going
on, etc. Especially if it is off hours and you work alone, I am at a loss to
see a safety issue. If I was in histo working with others I would not like
it if a coworker was wearing earphones. Just my opinion. No one in the
hospital is allowed to wear headphones on the job. 


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They might not hear a pathologist coming until it's too late!

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Does anyone know if there are any safety issues or requirements with people 
wearing headphones in the histology lab?


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