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Make sure ALL Chemicals are labeled with everything chemical name, date
opened. Make sure that not a drop of anything is going in the drain from
alcohols to anything that would be carryover. All hazardous waste that is
supposed be disposed of is dated it should only be in the lab a month put
date started and what chemical it is. They are real picky about the drains
and chemicals. I work for the government so they go a little easier on us.
They might be harder on outside folks. Just check and label, label, label
I hope this helps. 
They are real picky about any hazardous waste having correct labels.

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> Hello all!
> I have just been informed from my facilities manager that we are going to
> be
> inspected by the EPA this spring.  (I am not sure if it is for the entire
> hospital or just the path department.)  Anyway, does anyone have any
> experience with this type of inspection so I can know what to expect? 
> Any comments or helpful hints would be appreciated.
> Melissa Jans
> Lead Scientist
> Histology Lab
> University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
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