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Dear Jacquie,

I would leave them alone and recoverslip the slide/ s if a review is

There should be no damage to the sections as long as they are left well
alone. I do not have any literature to support that, only experience.

I would not recut the sections and replace the slides in file unless a
pathologist reviews each and every slide involved, ie. old and new. You
don't want to put slides in file that may show something the original did
not because you are replacing the original with a deeper level.


David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

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Dear Fellow Histonetters,

We've recently discovered thousands of slides in our file that have dried
areas. (Bubbles, airpockets, etc).  We're debating whether or not to:  1)
soak the coverslips off and re-coverslip  (a job that would take months) or:
2) leave them and simply recut the blocks of requested cases.  

If we leave them alone, does anyone know if the tissues will be damaged?
Dried out?  Need to be restained?  

Does anyone know of  that may be of use for our situation?
What are the legal ramifications of simply recutting the blocks and filing
the new slides?

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