Osteocyte fixation

From:bakerj@umich.edu (john baker)

This is for one of our graduate students here in the Orthopaedic Research Lab.

What is a good fixative to preserve osteocyte morphology in bone biopsies?
The biopsy is from regenerated bone filling in a  defect in a rat femoral
cortex.  The biopsy is maintained in tissue culture for several days then
embedded in paraffin, sectioned, and stained with Alcian blue Hematoxylin.
The purpose of the study is to acertain the viability of the osteocytes.
If you know of a good way to demostrate cell viability within tissue please
include that too.  If you require more information to help answer this
please let me know.
Thank you,  John  for Ed Hoffler

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