H&E staining

From:V#233#ronique Wunderle <vwunderle@yahoo.com>

hi everybody !
I am pretty new in the "histology world" and I am
slowly discovering all the amazing techniques which
are out there.
I am starting with a basic one : H&E staining (for
histology and counterstaining).
I have been looking around for a protocol and as usual
there is not one protocol but multiple variations on
the theme !
can anyone tell me why some people, after hematoxylin
staining and rinsing in tap water, go straight in
eosin whereas others bother to destain and
differentiate in acid alcohol, wash in H2O, blue up in
lithium carbonate or ammonia water (which one is the
best ?)before going in eosin ?
Time of staining in hematoxylin also varies from one
proto to the next. Is it possible to overstain ?

Veronique M. Wunderle, PhD
Responsable du reseau Nucleis
tel (0)2 41 35 56 82
fax (0)2 41 35 41 38

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