Bright Open Top Cryostat

From:Sandra Livingston <>

Hello, Fellow Histotechs:

I have been asked to assist in setting up for use, an old Bright Open
Top Cryostat, model OTF fitted with a rotary microtome, purchased from
Hacker Instruments..  The cryostat, which has been in storage for at
least 3 years, but the cooling system and motor work well.  The problem
that we have encountered is that  the travel distance  seems so short
and we have not quite figured out how to actually obtain sections.  When
we "face" the tissue block and then try to reset the resetting and
trimming control located on top of the microtome,  (this control appears
to be the ratchet),  the knife is backed off from the tissue block.
The manual for the cryostat refers us to the manufacturer's instruction
book for the rotary microtome but that book is not available to us.

Are any  of you familiar with this microtome/cryostat?

If we figure out how to section with it, we will need to have it
serviced.   Hacker Instruments  apparently is no longer in business.
Does anyone know whether Hacker was bought out by another company or
simply went out of business?

If we get as far as sectioning and servicing, can any of you refer us to
someone who sharpens/re-conditions steel knives.  I have been using
disposables for so long that I no longer have knife sharpening

Any guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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