3D reconstruction from histological sections

From:Peter Carnell <petercar@mindspring.com>

Hi Everyone -

I realize that this may be a peripheral issue for many of you, but I am
trying to locate software to help create 3D reconstructions from serial
histological sections.  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts that you
might have about this.  

More specifically, I'm interested in the geometry of branch points in small
blood vessels and here's my wish list of sofware features:

Need to be able to create a 3D model based on coarse sectioning.  Due to
the size of the vessels, I may only have about 20 sections through the
diameter of a branch location and my impression is that this is not enough
data to use most voxel-based approaches.
Need to be able to accommodate the fact that we will occasionally lose
sections (damaged during sectioning).
Want to export that model (in a format such as IGES or DXF, polygon data?)
so that it can be used in subsequent finite element analysis.
Would like to be able to smooth the geometric data before export.


Peter Carnell

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