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From:"Molinari, Betsy" <>
To:histonet <>

 I may be getting some metal stents to process and cut. I am open to
all ideas on cutting these. I know that paraffin is out. I did GMA a
long, long time ago and I know there are alot more plastic mediums on
the market since then. Any favorite plastic embedding mediums? Regarding
cutting, two methods have been  suggested,  cutting on a microtome
equipped with a tungsten carbide knife or using a circular diamond saw
that cuts thick sections. This diamond saw method I have zero experience
with, and any information on this technique would be helpful. I
understand that this saw is very,very expensive and after some
consideration may be ruled out as an option but any thoughts would be
 Thanks in advance to all.
  Betsy Molinari
Texas Heart Institute
Houston, Texas 77373

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