bone:new areas for me

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     I have been working with large calcified and decalcified sections for 
     a few years.  Large studies with some nice results for the research 
     surgeons. No immuno work.  I have a new researcher and I am looking 
     for procedures and detailed information on several areas I know very 
     little about. Some of these techniques may be very easy or difficult. 
     The topics may have been covered in the past, I have only recently 
     signed onto the net. Please respond via the histonet, directly to my 
     e-mail, fax: 608-263-7930 or phone: 608-262-8534. His experience comes 
     from reading articles ... these techniques are a little more 
     complicated that that. The more information I have to draw from the 
     Any advice on cutting rat tissue cross sections, type of slide to use, 
     best fixative and decal if doing immuno work. Dispo blade? Can samples 
     be decaled and then cut on a cryostat?  Is anyone using Immunocal, 
     results? Best treatment of bone for alk phos, substance P, 
     neuropeptides in bone, tunel technique in bone (calcified, frozen, 
     paraffin - procedure from the beginning?), standard buffer recipes 
     that I can count on, antigen retrieval on bone?  Another area I have 
     been working on is a Bodians stain for canaliculi in cross sections of 
     canine bone that the new reseacher brought with him. Has anyone done 
     this stain on bone? OK, I know some of you bone-heads out there ... 
     Please respond.  Thanks.   Vicki Kalscheur 

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