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Recently went back to day one in Journal of Histotechnology, the modified
Bodians method is in there, sorry, all the journals are at home right now,
but there is SOOOOOOO MUCH info in the journal these days.  You can do
immuno on bone that has been embedded in MMA, thin sections, with MMA
removed, followed by some stringent antigen retrieval.  The publication for
that is Hand et al
JOH, 21:231-236, 1998.  This is for undecalcified bone in MMA, and Neil is
the MMA wizard for IHC on tissues.  It also works for soft tissues.

The special issue on bone, JOH published a couple of years ago is super!
Has a lot of info, including some reviews of technics.  Good luck, some
steering in the right direction, I hope

Gayle Callis
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