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  I have cut a few stents (Currently have one waiting to be cut, as a matter 
of fact!).
I process them in polymethlymethacrylate and cut them on a sliding microtome 
fitted with a tungsten carbide knife.  I have never used GMA for this kind of 
specimen.  I also have one embedded in Spurr's that I was planning on cutting 
on a high speed saw with a high concentration diamond blade (Just to test!).  
I routinely use this method for my retieved orthopedic implants.  The 
sections are glued onto a plexiglass slide and then hand ground and polished. 
 I'm not sure how well this will work with the stents because the sections 
are thick and alot of the tissue will be wasted in the grinding process.  
Personally, I prefer the PMMA method. 

Good luck!  Let me know if I can help you in any way!!

-Diane Mahovlic
Orthopedic Pathology Laboratory
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio 

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