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Dear Mary,
possibly a more correct description would be always use an "Auto" control
without antisera for each slide/block.
Mike Rentsch.
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Date: Thursday, 24 February 2000 11:02
Subject: "negative controls for immunoperoxidase

>I am curious as to what everyone is doing for their
>"negative controls" for immunohistochemistry (IHC).
>The current CAP check list, basically says that you
>need a negative control slide for every Ab that you
>use for each block. This seems ridiculous to me, but
>only because of the way we have set up our IHC
>procedures. Presently we buy prepared negative control
>sera for rabbit and mouse Abs from Biogenex.  This is
>probably not the best way to stain negative controls.
>Presently we are manually staining with the DAKO
>Envision+ system and use concentrated Abs.
>We are also looking into getting an automated stainer
>so the recent discussion has been a big help to us.
>Mary Latino
>Pathologist's Assistant
>Nyack Hospital
>Nyack, NY 10960
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